The Global Vocal Concert

The Global Vocal Concert is an important part of the World Voice Day celebration.

klocka_19-30-01It is a series of concerts, some of them web streamed, in each country starting at 19:30/7.30 PM local time on April 16; it’s a Saturday this year.

The Global Vocal Concert starts in New Zealand and travels westward in pace with the sun, ending in the Pacific Ocean. Events in this series are announced on the same form as other events but will appear in a special list on the World Voice Day website,


Tell the world with A Vocal Manifestation

The Vocal Concert event can be of any type that attracts the attention of the general public, particularly decision makers, to the enormous importance that the voice plays in our lives:

  • flash mobs in public areas
  • buses, trains, trams
  • open clinic
  • free voice screening
  • open voice studio
  • choir, opera and theatre performances
  • radio and TV shows
  • programs and interviews
  • poem reading in public areas
  • walking around with a band aid over the lips
  • seminars
  • symposia
  • voice measurement booths in public places
  • choral rehearsal open to the public


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